Brisbane Airport Arrivals (BNE)

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Origin Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est./Actual Status
Emerald (EMD) Qantas QF2407 (1) 04:20 Scheduled
Emerald (EMD) Air New Zealand NZ7209 04:20 Scheduled
Bundaberg (BDB) QantasLink QF2325 (2) 04:20 Scheduled
Bundaberg (BDB) Air New Zealand NZ7159 04:20 Scheduled
Bundaberg (BDB) Emirates EK5570 04:20 Scheduled
Port Moresby (POM) Qantas QF58 04:20 15:55 Landed
Melbourne (MEL) Virgin Australia VA331 (2) 04:20 16:00 Landed
Melbourne (MEL) Etihad Airways EY6668 04:20 16:00 Landed
Melbourne (MEL) Singapore Airlines SQ6903 04:20 16:00 Landed
Sydney (SYD) Qantas QF528 (7) 04:30 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Air New Zealand NZ1728 04:30 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Cathay Pacific CX9039 04:30 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) China Eastern Airlines MU4069 04:30 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) China Southern Airlines CZ7432 04:30 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Emirates EK5528 04:30 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) IndiGo 6E4717 04:30 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) LATAM Airlines LA4845 04:30 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Qantas QF620 (4) 04:35 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Air New Zealand NZ7620 04:35 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Cathay Pacific CX9083 04:35 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Emirates EK5620 04:35 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) IndiGo 6E4835 04:35 Scheduled
Townsville (TSV) Alliance Airlines QF1865 (1) 04:35 Delayed
Townsville (TSV) Air New Zealand NZ7216 04:35 Delayed
Perth (PER) Qantas QF936 (3) 04:40 Delayed
Perth (PER) Air New Zealand NZ7528 04:40 Delayed
Perth (PER) AlphaSky AS5083 04:40 Delayed
Perth (PER) Emirates EK5598 04:40 Delayed
Honiara (HIR) Solomon Airlines IE700 04:40 Scheduled
Cloncurry (CNJ) Alliance Airlines QQ713 04:45 Scheduled
Cairns (CNS) QantasLink QF1883 (1) 04:45 Scheduled
Cairns (CNS) Air New Zealand NZ7239 04:45 Scheduled
Darwin (DRW) Airnorth VA452 04:45 Scheduled
Longreach (LRE) QantasLink QF2547 (1) 04:45 Scheduled
Longreach (LRE) Air New Zealand NZ7402 04:45 Scheduled
Newcastle (NTL) Alliance Airlines VA1107 (3) 04:45 Scheduled
Newcastle (NTL) Etihad Airways EY6423 04:45 Scheduled
Newcastle (NTL) Qatar Airways QR7115 04:45 Scheduled
Newcastle (NTL) Singapore Airlines SQ6503 04:45 Scheduled
Proserpine (PPP) Virgin Australia VA1118 (3) 04:50 Scheduled
Proserpine (PPP) Etihad Airways EY6819 04:50 Scheduled
Proserpine (PPP) Qatar Airways QR7118 04:50 Scheduled
Proserpine (PPP) Singapore Airlines SQ6507 04:50 Scheduled
Moranbah (MOV) Alliance Airlines QQ4359 04:55 Scheduled
Roma (RMA) Rex ZL5733 05:00 Scheduled
Perth (PER) Virgin Australia VA467 (3) 05:05 16:38 Landed
Perth (PER) Etihad Airways EY6951 05:05 16:38 Landed
Perth (PER) Qatar Airways QR7117 05:05 16:38 Landed
Perth (PER) Singapore Airlines SQ6931 05:05 16:38 Landed
Rockhampton (ROK) Alliance Airlines VA1248 (3) 05:10 Scheduled
Rockhampton (ROK) Etihad Airways EY6779 05:10 Scheduled
Rockhampton (ROK) Qatar Airways QR7120 05:10 Scheduled
Rockhampton (ROK) Singapore Airlines SQ6545 05:10 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Jetstar JQ570 05:10 Delayed
Newcastle (NTL) Jetstar JQ484 (1) 05:15 Scheduled
Newcastle (NTL) Qantas QF5484 05:15 Scheduled
Newcastle (NTL) QantasLink QF1966 (1) 05:15 Scheduled
Newcastle (NTL) Air New Zealand NZ7460 05:15 Scheduled
Moranbah (MOV) Qantas QF2461 (1) 05:15 Scheduled
Moranbah (MOV) Air New Zealand NZ7394 05:15 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Virgin Australia VA333 (2) 05:20 16:59 Landed
Melbourne (MEL) Etihad Airways EY6667 05:20 16:59 Landed
Melbourne (MEL) Singapore Airlines SQ6897 05:20 16:59 Landed
Auckland (AKL) Qantas QF126 (6) 05:25 Scheduled
Auckland (AKL) Air Tahiti Nui TN1405 05:25 Scheduled
Auckland (AKL) AlphaSky AS5028 05:25 Scheduled
Auckland (AKL) American Airlines AA7269 05:25 Scheduled
Auckland (AKL) Emirates EK5007 05:25 Scheduled
Auckland (AKL) Finnair AY4866 05:25 Scheduled
Auckland (AKL) LATAM Airlines LA4811 05:25 Scheduled
Mackay (MKY) Alliance Airlines VA616 (3) 05:25 Scheduled
Mackay (MKY) Etihad Airways EY6409 05:25 Scheduled
Mackay (MKY) Qatar Airways QR7112 05:25 Scheduled
Mackay (MKY) Singapore Airlines SQ6491 05:25 Scheduled
Doha (DOH) Qatar Airways QR898 (8) 05:30 16:56 Landed
Doha (DOH) AirSERBIA JU8329 05:30 16:56 Landed
Doha (DOH) British Airways BA6358 05:30 16:56 Landed
Doha (DOH) Finnair AY6527 05:30 16:56 Landed
Doha (DOH) Iberia IB7986 05:30 16:56 Landed
Doha (DOH) JetBlue B66522 05:30 16:56 Landed
Doha (DOH) Oman Air WY6178 05:30 16:56 Landed
Doha (DOH) RwandAir WB1627 05:30 16:56 Landed
Doha (DOH) Virgin Australia VA6132 05:30 16:56 Landed
Hervey Bay (HVB) QantasLink QF2381 (2) 05:30 Scheduled
Hervey Bay (HVB) Air New Zealand NZ7362 05:30 Scheduled
Hervey Bay (HVB) Emirates EK5714 05:30 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Virgin Australia VA957 (3) 05:30 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Etihad Airways EY6804 05:30 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Hawaiian Airlines HA4173 05:30 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Singapore Airlines SQ6694 05:30 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Qantas QF622 (3) 05:30 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Air New Zealand NZ7028 05:30 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Emirates EK5138 05:30 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) IndiGo 6E4837 05:30 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Qantas QF532 (4) 05:35 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Air New Zealand NZ1732 05:35 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Cathay Pacific CX9176 05:35 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Emirates EK5532 05:35 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) IndiGo 6E4718 05:35 Scheduled
Christchurch (CHC) Qantas QF134 (3) 05:45 Scheduled
Christchurch (CHC) American Airlines AA7291 05:45 Scheduled
Christchurch (CHC) Emirates EK5068 05:45 Scheduled
Christchurch (CHC) Finnair AY4868 05:45 Scheduled
Darwin (DRW) QantasLink QF1875 (2) 05:55 Scheduled
Darwin (DRW) Air New Zealand NZ7223 05:55 Scheduled
Darwin (DRW) Cathay Pacific CX9043 05:55 Scheduled
Port Moresby (POM) Air Niugini PX4005 05:55 Scheduled
Canberra (CBR) Jetstar JQ657 (1) 06:00 Scheduled
Canberra (CBR) Qantas QF5657 06:00 Scheduled
Chinchilla (CCL) Skytrans QN738 06:00 Scheduled
Gladstone (GLT) Qantas QF2337 (2) 06:00 Scheduled
Gladstone (GLT) Air New Zealand NZ7295 06:00 Scheduled
Gladstone (GLT) Emirates EK5263 06:00 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Qantas QF534 (4) 06:05 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Air New Zealand NZ1734 06:05 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Cathay Pacific CX9177 06:05 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Emirates EK5248 06:05 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) IndiGo 6E4719 06:05 Scheduled
Auckland (AKL) Air New Zealand NZ147 (5) 06:10 Scheduled
Auckland (AKL) Air China CA5104 06:10 Scheduled
Auckland (AKL) Etihad Airways EY4400 06:10 Scheduled
Auckland (AKL) EVA Air BR3205 06:10 Scheduled
Auckland (AKL) Singapore Airlines SQ4222 06:10 Scheduled
Auckland (AKL) Turkish Airlines TK8731 06:10 Scheduled
Cairns (CNS) Jetstar JQ935 (1) 06:10 Scheduled
Cairns (CNS) Qantas QF5844 06:10 Scheduled
Rockhampton (ROK) Alliance Airlines QF1873 (1) 06:10 Scheduled
Rockhampton (ROK) Air New Zealand NZ7375 06:10 Scheduled
Queenstown (ZQN) Qantas QF186 (2) 06:15 Scheduled
Queenstown (ZQN) Emirates EK5030 06:15 Scheduled
Queenstown (ZQN) Finnair AY4870 06:15 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Rex ZL258 06:15 Scheduled
Nadi (NAN) Virgin Australia VA178 06:15 Scheduled
Wellington (WLG) Air New Zealand NZ271 (1) 06:15 Scheduled
Wellington (WLG) Etihad Airways EY4423 06:15 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Virgin Australia VA337 (2) 06:20 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Etihad Airways EY6659 06:20 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Singapore Airlines SQ6905 06:20 Scheduled
Launceston (LST) Jetstar JQ754 (1) 06:25 Scheduled
Launceston (LST) Qantas QF5754 06:25 Scheduled
Queenstown (ZQN) Virgin Australia VA118 (4) 06:25 Scheduled
Queenstown (ZQN) Air Canada AC2789 06:25 Scheduled
Queenstown (ZQN) Etihad Airways EY6539 06:25 Scheduled
Queenstown (ZQN) Qatar Airways QR7134 06:25 Scheduled
Queenstown (ZQN) Singapore Airlines SQ6527 06:25 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Virgin Australia VA965 (3) 06:30 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Etihad Airways EY6436 06:30 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Hawaiian Airlines HA4175 06:30 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Singapore Airlines SQ6396 06:30 Scheduled
Nauru Island (INU) Nauru Airlines ON921 06:30 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Qantas QF540 (3) 06:35 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Air New Zealand NZ1740 06:35 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Emirates EK5540 06:35 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) IndiGo 6E4720 06:35 Scheduled
Emerald (EMD) Qantas QF2409 (1) 06:45 Scheduled
Emerald (EMD) Air New Zealand NZ7366 06:45 Scheduled
Mackay (MKY) Qantas QF989 (3) 06:45 Scheduled
Mackay (MKY) Air New Zealand NZ7778 06:45 Scheduled
Mackay (MKY) China Eastern Airlines MU4151 06:45 Scheduled
Mackay (MKY) Emirates EK5397 06:45 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Rex ZL368 06:45 Scheduled
Noumea (NOU) Aircalin SB150 (1) 06:45 Cancelled
Noumea (NOU) Qantas QF8694 06:45 Cancelled
Port Vila (VLI) Virgin Australia VA54 (2) 06:45 Scheduled
Port Vila (VLI) Qatar Airways QR7132 06:45 Scheduled
Port Vila (VLI) Singapore Airlines SQ6373 06:45 Scheduled
Adelaide (ADL) QantasLink QF1936 (1) 06:50 Scheduled
Adelaide (ADL) Air New Zealand NZ7067 06:50 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Qantas QF626 (4) 06:50 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Air New Zealand NZ7626 06:50 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) China Eastern Airlines MU4083 06:50 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Emirates EK5626 06:50 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) IndiGo 6E4841 06:50 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Qantas QF542 (4) 06:50 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Air New Zealand NZ1742 06:50 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) China Eastern Airlines MU4071 06:50 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Emirates EK5542 06:50 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) IndiGo 6E4721 06:50 Scheduled
Wellington (WLG) QantasLink QF356 (1) 06:50 Scheduled
Wellington (WLG) Emirates EK5085 06:50 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Jetstar JQ822 06:55 Scheduled
Darwin (DRW) Virgin Australia VA454 (3) 07:00 Scheduled
Darwin (DRW) Etihad Airways EY6307 07:00 Scheduled
Darwin (DRW) Qatar Airways QR4260 07:00 Scheduled
Darwin (DRW) Singapore Airlines SQ6463 07:00 Scheduled
Canberra (CBR) QantasLink QF1908 (1) 07:05 Scheduled
Canberra (CBR) Air New Zealand NZ7442 07:05 Scheduled
Cairns (CNS) Virgin Australia VA786 (3) 07:05 Scheduled
Cairns (CNS) Etihad Airways EY6612 07:05 Scheduled
Cairns (CNS) Qatar Airways QR4258 07:05 Scheduled
Cairns (CNS) Singapore Airlines SQ6455 07:05 Scheduled
Moranbah (MOV) Qantas QF2459 07:05 Scheduled
Townsville (TSV) QantasLink QF1867 (1) 07:05 Scheduled
Townsville (TSV) Air New Zealand NZ7218 07:05 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Jetstar JQ572 07:20 Scheduled
Moranbah (MOV) Alliance Airlines QQ2837 07:20 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Virgin Australia VA341 07:20 Scheduled
Townsville (TSV) Alliance Airlines VA382 07:25 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Virgin Australia VA973 07:30 Scheduled
Singapore (SIN) Singapore Airlines SQ245 07:30 Scheduled
Perth (PER) Qantas QF938 07:30 Delayed
Roma (RMA) Rex ZL5745 07:30 Scheduled
Cairns (CNS) Pionair Australia QF7291 07:35 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Qantas QF628 07:35 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Qantas QF544 07:35 Scheduled
Gladstone (GLT) Qantas QF2339 07:40 Scheduled
Gladstone (GLT) Alliance Airlines VA1720 07:45 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Jetstar JQ820 08:00 Scheduled
Moranbah (MOV) National Jet Express NC357 08:02 Scheduled
Ayers Rock (AYQ) Virgin Australia VA1694 08:05 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Qantas QF546 08:05 Scheduled
Rockhampton (ROK) Qantas QF2367 08:10 Scheduled
Perth (PER) Virgin Australia VA469 08:15 Scheduled

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Flight Arrivals at Brisbane Airport

Brisbane Airport serves the city of Brisbane and Queensland. The airport is only 13 km from Brisbane and linked to the city by Airtrains and buses. Taxi ranks are located just outside the International and Domestic terminals, and car rental companies have desks at both terminals too.

Some 31 airlines fly in and out of Brisbane Airport, offering around 50 domestic and 29 international destinations. The International Terminal has four levels. Arrivals is located on Level 2. The Domestic Terminal has two levels with three satellite arms extending beyond the building. This terminal is currently undergoing redevelopment and won't be fully completed until late 2020.

Both terminals offer passengers plenty of dining and shopping outlets and also currency exchange, airport lounges for relaxation and nearby airport hotels. Lotte Duty Free Shopping is located before inbound passport control in Arrivals and after passport control in Departures. Shopping and services include magazines and newspapers, last minute travelers needs, cosmetics, a hairdressing saloon, a shop selling Australian produce only and Travelex stores selling up to 60 currencies in-store and prepaid travel cards and SIM cards. At the International Terminal, the currency exchange outlet is located on Level 2.

Arriving at Brisbane Airport

Onboard the aircraft you will be issued with an orange Incoming Passenger Card, which all travelers, including Australians arriving at Brisbane Airport, must complete. The information contained in this card will show your personal details, details about your visit and will tell you about Quarantine and Customs requirements.

Onward Transportation

At Brisbane Airport the Airtrain system offers passengers a quick transfer into Brisbane city, where trains stop at Central Train Station. Airtrains also provide express services to the Gold Coast and link into the Queensland Rail Suburban Network for onward travel. Airtrains run every 15 minutes during peak times and every 30 minutes at off-peak times.

Tickets can be purchased at Airtrain desks located at the terminals or at Airtrain stations or online at or Buying in advance saves money on the AU$19.00 fare to Central Train Station, taking the ticket price to just AU$16.15 per person. Children aged 5 to 14 travel free, when accompanied by a fare-paying adult.

Airtrain stations are located within a short walk on the travellator or can be accessed via Skywalk. At the International Terminal passengers should take the travellator or lift to Level 3 and follow signs to the Airtrain station. At the Domestic Terminal passengers should proceed to the front of the building and take Skywalk across to the Airtrain station.

Airtrain Schedule:

Weekdays Airtrains run from 05.04 am to 10.04 pm; on Saturdays and Sundays Airtrains run from 06.04 am to 10.04 pm

Car rental at Brisbane Airport:

Includes Avis, Alamo, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Europcar, Hertz and Thrifty. At the Domestic Terminal car rental is located on Level 1, near baggage reclaim, and at the International Terminal car hire companies are located on Level 2, behind Spoon Cafe.

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Q4 2023 at Brisbane Airport: Passenger Numbers Up by 14.84%, Yet to Reach Pre-Pandemic Levels of Q4 2019