Brisbane Airport Departures (BNE)

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Destination Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est./Actual Status
Melbourne (AVV) Jetstar JQ635 (1) 04:30 Scheduled
Melbourne (AVV) Qantas QF5635 04:30 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Virgin Australia VA966 (4) 04:35 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Etihad Airways EY6512 04:35 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Hawaiian Airlines HA4076 04:35 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Qatar Airways QR6334 04:35 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Singapore Airlines SQ6703 04:35 Scheduled
Adelaide (ADL) Alliance Airlines QF1937 (1) 04:35 Scheduled
Adelaide (ADL) Air New Zealand NZ7073 04:35 Scheduled
Gladstone (GLT) Alliance Airlines VA1717 (3) 04:40 Scheduled
Gladstone (GLT) Etihad Airways EY6318 04:40 Scheduled
Gladstone (GLT) Qatar Airways QR4265 04:40 Scheduled
Gladstone (GLT) Singapore Airlines SQ6476 04:40 Scheduled
Mackay (MKY) Alliance Airlines VA615 (2) 04:50 Scheduled
Mackay (MKY) Etihad Airways EY6547 04:50 Scheduled
Mackay (MKY) Singapore Airlines SQ6492 04:50 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Virgin Australia VA342 (4) 04:55 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Etihad Airways EY6534 04:55 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Qatar Airways QR6346 04:55 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Qatar Airways QR7110 04:55 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Singapore Airlines SQ6896 04:55 Scheduled
Emerald (EMD) Qantas QF2410 (1) 05:00 Scheduled
Emerald (EMD) Air New Zealand NZ7369 05:00 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Rex ZL367 05:00 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Virgin Australia VA970 (5) 05:05 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Air Canada AC2722 05:05 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Etihad Airways EY6692 05:05 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Hawaiian Airlines HA4078 05:05 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Qatar Airways QR7124 05:05 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Singapore Airlines SQ6405 05:05 Scheduled
Hobart (HBA) Virgin Australia VA708 (3) 05:10 Scheduled
Hobart (HBA) Etihad Airways EY6321 05:10 Scheduled
Hobart (HBA) Qatar Airways QR7128 05:10 Scheduled
Hobart (HBA) Singapore Airlines SQ6616 05:10 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Qantas QF543 (5) 05:10 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Air New Zealand NZ1743 05:10 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) American Airlines AA7395 05:10 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Cathay Pacific CX9041 05:10 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Emirates EK5244 05:10 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) IndiGo 6E4809 05:10 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Qantas QF633 (3) 05:15 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Air New Zealand NZ7633 05:15 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Emirates EK5167 05:15 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) IndiGo 6E4848 05:15 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Jetstar JQ823 05:20 Scheduled
Canberra (CBR) Alliance Airlines QF1911 (1) 05:20 Scheduled
Canberra (CBR) Air New Zealand NZ7420 05:20 Scheduled
Cairns (CNS) Alliance Airlines QF1886 (2) 05:25 Scheduled
Cairns (CNS) Air New Zealand NZ7249 05:25 Scheduled
Cairns (CNS) China Eastern Airlines MU4060 05:25 Scheduled
Newcastle (NTL) Alliance Airlines VA1106 (3) 05:25 Scheduled
Newcastle (NTL) Etihad Airways EY6423 05:25 Scheduled
Newcastle (NTL) Qatar Airways QR6370 05:25 Scheduled
Newcastle (NTL) Singapore Airlines SQ6504 05:25 Scheduled
Townsville (TSV) QantasLink QF1868 (1) 05:30 Scheduled
Townsville (TSV) Air New Zealand NZ7219 05:30 Scheduled
Perth (PER) Qantas QF939 (2) 05:30 Scheduled
Perth (PER) Air New Zealand NZ7439 05:30 Scheduled
Perth (PER) Emirates EK5597 05:30 Scheduled
Cairns (CNS) Virgin Australia VA793 (3) 05:40 Scheduled
Cairns (CNS) Etihad Airways EY6323 05:40 Scheduled
Cairns (CNS) Etihad Airways EY6331 05:40 Scheduled
Cairns (CNS) Singapore Airlines SQ6456 05:40 Scheduled
Rockhampton (ROK) Alliance Airlines VA1251 (2) 05:45 Scheduled
Rockhampton (ROK) Etihad Airways EY6339 05:45 Scheduled
Rockhampton (ROK) Singapore Airlines SQ6544 05:45 Scheduled
Darwin (DRW) Airnorth VA455 05:45 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Jetstar JQ575 05:50 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Virgin Australia VA346 (2) 05:55 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Etihad Airways EY6538 05:55 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Singapore Airlines SQ6900 05:55 Scheduled
Rockhampton (ROK) Qantas QF2374 (1) 06:00 Scheduled
Rockhampton (ROK) Air New Zealand NZ7357 06:00 Scheduled
Adelaide (ADL) Alliance Airlines VA1402 (3) 06:05 Scheduled
Adelaide (ADL) Etihad Airways EY6310 06:05 Scheduled
Adelaide (ADL) Qatar Airways QR6354 06:05 Scheduled
Adelaide (ADL) Singapore Airlines SQ6918 06:05 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Virgin Australia VA978 (3) 06:15 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Etihad Airways EY6568 06:15 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Hawaiian Airlines HA4082 06:15 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Singapore Airlines SQ6423 06:15 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Qantas QF635 (6) 06:15 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Air New Zealand NZ7635 06:15 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Cathay Pacific CX9082 06:15 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) China Southern Airlines CZ7590 06:15 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Emirates EK5635 06:15 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) IndiGo 6E4850 06:15 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) LATAM Airlines LA4847 06:15 Scheduled
Auckland (AKL) Qantas QF125 (4) 06:15 Scheduled
Auckland (AKL) Air Tahiti Nui TN1426 06:15 Scheduled
Auckland (AKL) Alaska Airlines AS5029 06:15 Scheduled
Auckland (AKL) Emirates EK5006 06:15 Scheduled
Auckland (AKL) Finnair AY4865 06:15 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Qantas QF545 (6) 06:15 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Air New Zealand NZ1745 06:15 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Cathay Pacific CX9013 06:15 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) China Eastern Airlines MU4072 06:15 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) China Southern Airlines CZ7431 06:15 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Emirates EK5545 06:15 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) IndiGo 6E4810 06:15 Scheduled
Perth (PER) Virgin Australia VA472 (2) 06:25 Scheduled
Perth (PER) Etihad Airways EY6325 06:25 Scheduled
Perth (PER) Singapore Airlines SQ6650 06:25 Scheduled
Townsville (TSV) Jetstar JQ906 (1) 06:35 Scheduled
Townsville (TSV) Qantas QF5906 06:35 Scheduled
Christchurch (CHC) Air New Zealand NZ200 (6) 06:35 Scheduled
Christchurch (CHC) Air Canada AC6116 06:35 Scheduled
Christchurch (CHC) Air China CA5167 06:35 Scheduled
Christchurch (CHC) Etihad Airways EY4408 06:35 Scheduled
Christchurch (CHC) EVA Air BR3210 06:35 Scheduled
Christchurch (CHC) Singapore Airlines SQ4305 06:35 Scheduled
Christchurch (CHC) Turkish Airlines TK8764 06:35 Scheduled
Perth (PER) Jetstar JQ969 06:40 Scheduled
Perth (PER) Qantas QF941 (3) 06:45 Scheduled
Perth (PER) Air New Zealand NZ7531 06:45 Scheduled
Perth (PER) Emirates EK5651 06:45 Scheduled
Perth (PER) Fiji Airways FJ5288 06:45 Scheduled
Newcastle (NTL) Qantas QF1967 (1) 06:50 Scheduled
Newcastle (NTL) Air New Zealand NZ7410 06:50 Scheduled
Rockhampton (ROK) Qantas QF1876 (1) 06:50 Scheduled
Rockhampton (ROK) Air New Zealand NZ7181 06:50 Scheduled
Christchurch (CHC) Qantas QF135 (3) 06:55 Scheduled
Christchurch (CHC) China Eastern Airlines MU4035 06:55 Scheduled
Christchurch (CHC) Emirates EK5067 06:55 Scheduled
Christchurch (CHC) Finnair AY4867 06:55 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Virgin Australia VA352 (3) 06:55 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Etihad Airways EY6531 06:55 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Qatar Airways QR6336 06:55 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Singapore Airlines SQ6906 06:55 Scheduled
Cairns (CNS) Jetstar JQ934 (1) 07:00 Scheduled
Cairns (CNS) Qantas QF5843 07:00 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Rex ZL281 07:00 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Virgin Australia VA986 (3) 07:05 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Etihad Airways EY6567 07:05 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Hawaiian Airlines HA4086 07:05 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Singapore Airlines SQ6695 07:05 Scheduled
Mackay (MKY) Jetstar JQ888 (1) 07:05 Scheduled
Mackay (MKY) Qantas QF5888 07:05 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Qantas QF549 (4) 07:15 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Air New Zealand NZ1749 07:15 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Cathay Pacific CX9027 07:15 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Emirates EK5549 07:15 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) IndiGo 6E4812 07:15 Scheduled
Bundaberg (BDB) Qantas QF2326 (2) 07:25 Scheduled
Bundaberg (BDB) Air New Zealand NZ7158 07:25 Scheduled
Bundaberg (BDB) Emirates EK5573 07:25 Scheduled
Mackay (MKY) Qantas QF992 (2) 07:25 Scheduled
Mackay (MKY) Air New Zealand NZ7036 07:25 Scheduled
Mackay (MKY) Emirates EK5313 07:25 Scheduled
Adelaide (ADL) Qantas QF1939 (1) 07:30 Scheduled
Adelaide (ADL) Air New Zealand NZ7079 07:30 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Rex ZL379 07:30 Scheduled
Auckland (AKL) Air New Zealand NZ148 (5) 07:35 Cancelled
Auckland (AKL) Air China CA5139 07:35 Cancelled
Auckland (AKL) Etihad Airways EY4406 07:35 Cancelled
Auckland (AKL) EVA Air BR3204 07:35 Cancelled
Auckland (AKL) Singapore Airlines SQ4224 07:35 Cancelled
Auckland (AKL) Turkish Airlines TK8730 07:35 Cancelled
Adelaide (ADL) Virgin Australia VA1404 (4) 07:40 Scheduled
Adelaide (ADL) Air Canada AC2748 07:40 Scheduled
Adelaide (ADL) Etihad Airways EY6634 07:40 Scheduled
Adelaide (ADL) Qatar Airways QR6352 07:40 Scheduled
Adelaide (ADL) Singapore Airlines SQ6922 07:40 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Qantas QF555 (3) 07:45 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Air New Zealand NZ1755 07:45 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Emirates EK5555 07:45 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) IndiGo 6E4814 07:45 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Qantas QF1263 (1) 07:45 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) LATAM Airlines LA4891 07:45 Scheduled
Gladstone (GLT) Qantas QF1978 07:45 Scheduled
Canberra (CBR) Virgin Australia VA1228 07:50 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Virgin Australia VA354 07:55 Scheduled
Canberra (CBR) Qantas QF2385 08:00 Scheduled
Melbourne (MEL) Jetstar JQ577 08:00 Scheduled
Cairns (CNS) Qantas QF1898 08:10 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Qantas QF557 08:15 Scheduled
Townsville (TSV) Qantas QF1870 08:15 Scheduled
Perth (PER) Qantas QF943 08:20 Scheduled
Perth (PER) Virgin Australia VA474 08:25 Scheduled

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Flight Departures at Brisbane Airport

The Domestic Terminal at Brisbane Airport is currently undergoing redevelopment, which won't be completed until late 2020. The International Terminal is connected to the Domestic one by orange Terminal Transfer Buses and Airtrains, which also link to Brisbane city. Transfers between terminals are free of charge. Both terminals offer passengers not only check-in and lounges where they can wait before their flights, but also shops, dining and refreshments. There are also four parking facilities within a short walk of the terminals.

Airlines serving Brisbane Airport include Qantas and Virgin Australia, Jetstart Airways, Tigerair, China Airlines, Emirates, Cathay Pacific and Fiji Airways – in total, there are 31 airlines, offering flights to ca 50 domestic and around 29 international destinations. At present, Brisbane Airport is being used by over 23 million passengers annually. This is expected to grow to around 50 million by 2035.

The International Terminal was built in 1995, boasting 14 bays with aerobridges, of which four can handle A380s. International Terminal has four levels. Level 3 contains departure lounges airside, Level 4 the departure hall and check-in desks.

The Domestic Terminal is a two-storey building with three satellite arms extending outwards to give passengers more lounges and airlines more gates. Flights leave daily to Rockhampton, Mount Isa, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Cairns and Melbourne, to name but a few domestic destinations.

Lounges, Shopping and Dining

At Departures the Lotte Duty Free Shopping area is located after passport control. Lounges include Singapore Airlines' Lounge on the Mezzanine Level at the International Terminal (after security, the Silverkris Lounge) and the Plaza Premium Lounge & Wellness Spa, also on the Mezzanine level.

Virgin Australia has a Lounge at the Domestic Terminal, Level 2, opposite Gate 41 (after security), and at the International Terminal on Level 3, near Gate 77, after security. Qantas, Air New Zealand and Emirates have Lounges at the International Terminal in Departures, near Gate 75, after security.

Shopping and dining can be found at both terminals, as well as the Skygate Centre. For example, the Nautilus seafood restaurant is located at Skygate. At the International Terminal there are choices like Hudsons Coffee house on Level 3, after security or Sushi Sushi, or passengers could try the snack bars and restaurants on Level 4 where the Virgin Food Court is located (also on Level 2 at the Domestic Terminal).

After redevelopment the Domestic Terminal will feature five new restaurants in The Food Collective, and will have a large retail section with brands like The Lord Lamington, Samsonite, Krispy Kreme, Oxford and Seeds by Bruno Loubet.


Over 60 different foreign currencies can be obtained at Travelex stores on Level 3 (after security) and Level 4 (before security).

Brisbane Airport Hotels

Leaving very early? Brisbane Airport hotels are not far! The Ibis Brisbane Airport is only 5 minutes from the Domestic Terminal, the Pullman Brisbane Airport Hotel is even closer. Novotel has 157 rooms that are within a short bus ride of Brisbane Airport's terminals.

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Q4 2023 at Brisbane Airport: Passenger Numbers Up by 14.84%, Yet to Reach Pre-Pandemic Levels of Q4 2019